Born and raised in Transylvania to artistically-inclined parents who pursued hobbies like furniture design and painting, Gabriela moves to Paris at 20 to pursue a fashion career, after winning the Romanian Elite Model Look contest.
She starts her fascinating journey around the world as a successful model, doing runways, commercials and advertising in Paris, Tokyo, Milan and New York.
Driven by a deep curiosity and need to expand her knowledge, Gabriela starts taking courses in languages and arts at Parsons school in NY, then at Beverly Lingual Center in Beverly Hills. Finally, she relocates to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in interior design at UCLA.
Of a constant artist mind-set and never lacking imagination, Gabriela enjoys learning from the people in her life, as well from the boundless beauty of life itself.
Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to fulfill her passion for design, arts and fashion: as a young girl growing up in Communist Romania, they always inspired her and offered her sanctuary. She finds herself beautifying her surroundings more and more often, and her eye for aesthetics starts being applied consistently to her environment, not only to her own image.
Living in Hollywood and in love with cinematic arts, Gabriela starts building film sets and conjuring up visual expression for film and theater. 
She continues to work in front of the camera, but more and more her creative energy and flow is focused behind it, in a reversal that enables her to bring to life an entire palette of moods not only through the grace of her persona, but through the power of her imagination.